The Steel Orchid Boutique is now open and taking orders.


Boutique Link

Hey everyone. I just realized the link to my boutique was broke! Now its fixed and it will have some items up very soon. I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your patients.


Sorry for not being super active lately but I am trying to get re-organized in my home (which is where I create).  I have brokedown my work table and have to redirect my work flow. Since I am working at the PAE Engineers more than full time, I really only have the weekends to work on my art and so my availability is limited. I have two projects on the table and will not be taking any orders until those are completed.

Acid Etched Flowers

Here’s a snap of the coin etching portion of the Queen Akasha costume.  This process has been both long and tedious but worth every run. 

They aren’t perfect because we are trying to accomplish the look of aged metal since the queen is over 3,000 years old.  When the headpiece is finished,  I will share a more in depth monologue of the processes and lessons learned.